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Message Replies Updated
I miss posting here... 3 21-Aug-07
Where are they now? 4 21-Jan-07
Brad Voth: Game Worn Jerseys Wanted 1 30-Dec-06
WorcesterSharks.org 1 23-Nov-06
Worcestersharks.org 3 24-Oct-06
Lowell 3, @Sharks 2 4 22-Oct-06
Where are they now? 10 22-Oct-06
First impressions? 12 22-Oct-06
Sharks 5, @Providence 2 1 21-Oct-06
Sharks Sign D-man Justin Kurtz to PTO 3 18-Oct-06
Sharks 6, @Lowell 2 1 16-Oct-06
Portland 5, @Sharks 4 (SO) 4 15-Oct-06
@Providence 3, Sharks 1 3 14-Oct-06
@Manchester 5, Sharks 4 (SO) 3 09-Oct-06
Sharks at Providence 1 09-Oct-06
Season Tickets mailed... 1 09-Oct-06
Sharks 4, @Portland 3 (SO) 2 08-Oct-06
GREAT START! 4 08-Oct-06
anybody know where Aris Brimanis ended up? 2 05-Oct-06
Moment of Silence in honor of Trevor Ettinger 55 28-Sep-06
Monday's open practice/scrimmage 2 26-Sep-06
BOOSTER CLUB MEETING 9/21/06 1 19-Sep-06
Individual Tix 2 18-Sep-06
Terry Virtue signed... 3 17-Sep-06
on the home page....?????? 3 14-Sep-06
Latest in Sports News 1 09-Sep-06
club campbell 5 07-Sep-06
Sharks article in PHN 1 03-Sep-06
Support for Our Booster, Terry Burke Dotson 2 31-Aug-06
Article on fmr booster club member/Scratch 2 31-Aug-06
other preseason games announced 2 29-Aug-06
Preseason 1 28-Aug-06
Terry Virtue back??? 6 26-Aug-06
Booster Club Meeting 8/17/06 5 24-Aug-06
Calling out to the "old" posters... 8 20-Aug-06
We open in Portland! 5 02-Aug-06
Schedule 3 02-Aug-06
Brendan Buckly signes with... 6 01-Aug-06
Congratulations to Former IceCats 1 29-Jul-06
Shark Vs. Wolf Pack 1 26-Jul-06
AHLBC broomball Tournament 3 18-Jul-06
Happy Birthday Speed!!!! 5 16-Jul-06
Happy Birthday, Icecat110 3 16-Jul-06
More Sharks sign 2 16-Jul-06
Sharks Add 2 3 10-Jul-06
Hennessey, Preissing Gone 3 10-Jul-06
What is the amount of pledge so far?? 22 08-Jul-06
Opening night is 10/14! 5 08-Jul-06
Visors now manditory in AHL 3 29-Jun-06
Lowell Devils? 5 21-Jun-06
Congratulations to former Cats TylerX2 5 20-Jun-06
Blues fire Don Granato 10 20-Jun-06
Congrats to Hershey/Calder Cup Winners 1 17-Jun-06
Frederic Cassivi - Hershey Bears 4 17-Jun-06
IceCats Video 1 08-Jun-06
Looking for a job with the a AHL Team? 1 08-Jun-06
Losing Roloson bitter pill for Oilers 4 07-Jun-06
GOOD LUCK "TJO668"! 8 07-Jun-06
Roloson 6 30-May-06
Tornaodes Opener 3 22-May-06
Sharks announce schedule matrix 8 21-May-06
Sharks to play in Atlantic division 3 17-May-06
Pleau Steps Down 3 14-May-06
Sharks Booster Club Newsletter a Must read 2 12-May-06
Booster Club Meeting 4 26-Apr-06
Jamie Pollock question 34 26-Apr-06
IceCats videos on YouTube.com 1 25-Apr-06
Any Finz showings? 3 20-Apr-06
One year ago this weekend.... 4 15-Apr-06
NHL Interesting Story 4 12-Apr-06
Fritz wins Yanick Dupré Memorial Award 2 10-Apr-06
06-07 Schedule Release? 4 10-Apr-06
Getting IceCats jerseys lettered 7 10-Apr-06
Strong arm tactics 30 10-Apr-06
Peoria Rivermen Photos 2 06-Apr-06
Cincy News 2 05-Apr-06
Marc Brown 1 03-Apr-06
Improvements? 12 02-Apr-06
Former Icecats Defensemen Ed Campbell 2 31-Mar-06
And Oldie but a Goodie - Sybil post! 7 29-Mar-06
The name of the new Worcester Sharks mascot 3 29-Mar-06
Jersey raffle @Bosster table on 3/26/06 2 27-Mar-06
Sharks seat selection party Tomorrow 3/26/06 2 27-Mar-06
Sharks' Ticket Plans & Curtaining System 3 26-Mar-06
Tournament Time 9 25-Mar-06
Sharks mascot naming contest to begin 17 24-Mar-06
Worcester Sharks 28 23-Mar-06
Shark Tank? 4 22-Mar-06
Lowell stays - NJ Buys 4 22-Mar-06
Curtis Sanford 5 22-Mar-06
Happy B-Day Chris! 7 20-Mar-06
Peoria in Syrcause 1 20-Mar-06
Who is planning on going to Manchester? 9 18-Mar-06
Priority Seating # 3 16-Mar-06
Sharks Q&A Section On Web Site 1 16-Mar-06
ST Patrick's Parade in Worcester 3/12/06 1 11-Mar-06
What's everyone been doing this winter? 7 05-Mar-06
Jochen Hecht Game worn jersey 2 03-Mar-06
BOOSTER CLUB MEETING 3/5/06 1 01-Mar-06
Christian Backman - Olympic Gold Medal Game 3 26-Feb-06
Toronto Gets 2007 AHL All Star Game 5 21-Feb-06
Booster Club newsletter naming contest 8 10-Feb-06
Marc Potvin RIP 7 09-Feb-06
Arena football team drive - anything official 14 06-Feb-06
campbell brothers 2 02-Feb-06
icecats spam 3 01-Feb-06
New Note from Michael Lehr 1 30-Jan-06
Lowell's for sale 4 30-Jan-06
Seating selection dates have been announced 1 29-Jan-06
How 'bout those Sharks 14 28-Jan-06
Lowell Sun Article on our efforts here 1 27-Jan-06
Booster Club logo 2 22-Jan-06
Lance Brady 1 19-Jan-06
New Team 14 17-Jan-06
About the Sharks jerseys.. 9 14-Jan-06
THANK YOU!!! 1 11-Jan-06
Brad Voth 4 11-Jan-06
New Years Wish Comes True! 29 11-Jan-06
Road Trip? 10 09-Jan-06
Good Morning Worcester! 2 09-Jan-06
New Team Name 22 08-Jan-06
Monday Night - Be there and spread the word! 5 08-Jan-06
To the posters on this forum... 7 08-Jan-06
Monday, January 9th 2 06-Jan-06
AHL Sticks It's 2006! 3 05-Jan-06
All I want for xmas is... 5 04-Jan-06
If we get a new team, will this site still... 2 02-Jan-06
Bacashihua gets first win 7 01-Jan-06
Happy New Year Everyone! 5 31-Dec-05
John Carter 94-95 5 29-Dec-05
Ice hockey season-ticket drive extended 2 27-Dec-05
Jochen Hecht Game worn #12 5 27-Dec-05
IceCats Players in the Olympics 2 22-Dec-05
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 3 22-Dec-05
Calgary -Omaha Deal Completed 6 21-Dec-05
Interesting Arcticle 2 20-Dec-05
Former IceCats in the NHL 2 18-Dec-05
cash and curtis in st.louis 4 17-Dec-05
North Star Youth Forum ---- We're In! 1 17-Dec-05
Horgan Rink - Aubun HS Varsity Games 1 17-Dec-05
Volunteer Needed 1 17-Dec-05
We now have a pledge table at NESC 1 16-Dec-05
T&G Worcester Hockey Banner 4 16-Dec-05
Another Classic 10 14-Dec-05
T+G and WoMag Letter Writing Campaign 8 13-Dec-05
WTAG and DUNN 2 12-Dec-05
Call WTAG 1 12-Dec-05
Telegram Article - Dec 10th 6 12-Dec-05
Just a thought... 5 11-Dec-05
Has anyone seen the TV Commercial? 10 07-Dec-05
Why Dont We Get Players Like That (Bob Lobel) 6 07-Dec-05
Robin Gomez 10 03-Dec-05
Pledge Drive Struggles 15 02-Dec-05
Who needs posters/flyers? 4 30-Nov-05
Know anyone that wants 10, 20 or 30 games 2 29-Nov-05
Assistant Needed!!!! 2 29-Nov-05
Updated Worcester Hockey Website 1 28-Nov-05
Volunteers - FREE Neil Diamond Tickets 7 28-Nov-05
Jason Bacashihua 1 23-Nov-05
I'm a bit curious... 3 23-Nov-05
Pledge Drive Gets Ink in Peoria 1 19-Nov-05
Blues Sale Fails....Back On the Market 7 18-Nov-05
IceCats Staff? 3 17-Nov-05
AHL Back to Worcester Posters/10 reasons 1 16-Nov-05
Phone volunteers 2 16-Nov-05
I love and miss you so much big bro 1 16-Nov-05
Worcesters New AHL Team Name 14 15-Nov-05
How to ask someone to pledge? 2 15-Nov-05
Pledge Today & Lock In Season Ticket Price! 1 15-Nov-05
are we getting a team 81 11-Nov-05
AHL sticks in 2006 35 11-Nov-05
Pledge Confirmations - Confirmation :) 9 10-Nov-05
need an email address 3 10-Nov-05
Billy B's Article 2 09-Nov-05
Enough 3 07-Nov-05
Season Ticket Drive volunteer meeting 10 07-Nov-05
Steve Mclaren game worn Ice Cats jersey 4 05-Nov-05
~ Very interesting T&G article, 11/4 ~ 2 04-Nov-05
HOCKEY RALLY 11/2 @ 3PM DCU CENTER 10 04-Nov-05
Season Ticket Drive Frequently Asked Question 1 03-Nov-05
Looking for IceCats magnet schedules 2 01-Nov-05
Order NEW Hockey Holiday Cards! 2 01-Nov-05
HC tonight 5 30-Oct-05
Happy Halloween!! 2 30-Oct-05
Jeff Panzer 6 30-Oct-05
scheffelmaier 4 26-Oct-05
Special Help Request? 1 22-Oct-05
Cincy got a team for 06-07 4 20-Oct-05
What we can do to get hockey back 1 17-Oct-05
Jaime Thompson and UHL..Worcester's Future ?? 2 16-Oct-05
Congrats st.louis!! 2 12-Oct-05
Hello from Peoria 7 12-Oct-05
IceCats Front Office 1 11-Oct-05
Peoria Wins Game 1 16 11-Oct-05
Reed low in peoria 5 11-Oct-05
Opening weekend 2 11-Oct-05
Voters of Worcester 4 11-Oct-05
Rivermen Trip October7-9 11 10-Oct-05
Blues terrible start 5 09-Oct-05
is there an unofficial rivermen site 3 08-Oct-05
Your loving sister 1 07-Oct-05
Mike Thornton Joins Philly Phantoms 4 06-Oct-05
campbell boys 9 06-Oct-05
Worcester Magazine Article Coming 2 06-Oct-05
Now it's painful 5 05-Oct-05
St Louis Blues Sold 7 03-Oct-05
Former Cat Signs With Chicago 1 28-Sep-05
Coach Granato Update 6 27-Sep-05
Junior Hockey Team 1 27-Sep-05
Junior Hockey In Worcester 1 27-Sep-05
AHL Refs May Go On Strike 1 26-Sep-05
Pohl heading to Toronto 5 26-Sep-05
'Blades sign Hartlieb to deal 1 24-Sep-05
Stars sign Fahey 1 20-Sep-05
Congratulations to the Worcester Tornadoes 4 16-Sep-05
Still there is Hope - Keep the Faith 14 14-Sep-05
Grizzlies sign Michaud, Kasper 2 11-Sep-05
College Hockey 3 11-Sep-05
Blues' MacInnis set to retire...job opens up 1 08-Sep-05
Former IceCat Brent Johnson's new team 2 06-Sep-05
Papineau inks deal 2 02-Sep-05
Buckley and Maiser back in peoria 4 29-Aug-05
erick nickulas is back in the black n gold 1 24-Aug-05
ECHL out of Burlington, VT 1 22-Aug-05
Virtue to ECHL 2 22-Aug-05
Alaska Aces = Blues ECHL Affiliate 11 18-Aug-05
If you have the thank you video......... 9 17-Aug-05
Blues for Sale 31 16-Aug-05
Opening night in Lowell 2 16-Aug-05
Peoria at Manchester 10 16-Aug-05
Upcoming Announcement on WTAG 7 11-Aug-05
Mascot Bobblehead 1 10-Aug-05
how is everyone's summer??? 14 10-Aug-05
Where are they now..Players,Staff,Coaches .. 9 09-Aug-05
Coach Granato 1 09-Aug-05
Jamie Thompson 4 03-Aug-05
Hockey fans at the ball game 4 02-Aug-05
Kevin Dineen 4 20-Jul-05
Final Removal 8 12-Jul-05
Hockey school camp w/former IceCats players 2 08-Jul-05
Booster Club News 11 08-Jul-05
Scratch at Worcester Historical Museum 20 08-Jul-05
Rivermen News 14 06-Jul-05
Coyotes enter agreement with Rampage 1 01-Jul-05
New Division & Schedule Format 7 29-Jun-05
Looking for IceCats postcards 1 28-Jun-05
AHL extends CEO Andrews' contract 1 27-Jun-05
Westward Bound 8 26-Jun-05
New Peoria Rivermen jerseys 7 18-Jun-05
Thank you video 5 17-Jun-05
The Video 10 17-Jun-05
SA possibly suspends operations 4 14-Jun-05
Utah = ECHL now 11 14-Jun-05
Phantoms complete Calder Cup sweep 2 11-Jun-05
Why Not? 14 11-Jun-05
Coach Granato 4 10-Jun-05
Good Article on the Musical Chairs.. 1 08-Jun-05
Edmonton Roadrunners suspend opperations 6 06-Jun-05
Guiliani may help form new hockey league? 6 02-Jun-05
Hartlieb still going 2 01-Jun-05
Providence 5 31-May-05
Greg Gilbert Wants AHL Toronto Marlies Job 1 29-May-05
Penalty Kill... 12 28-May-05
Peoria Player Update; Ex-Icecats 17 28-May-05
New pres 11 26-May-05
Booster Club info 3 26-May-05
Ducks end AHL affiliation 6 26-May-05
Utah and Cincy Shut Down for 2005-06 13 25-May-05
Visiting team in Providence 8 24-May-05
AHLBCC05 Hamilton 2 22-May-05
Hmmmm... 22 19-May-05
Seem's rather high! 3 19-May-05
Official IceCats Web Site Gone 1 18-May-05
Welcome back everyone 4 18-May-05
If your having problems logging in ... 2 17-May-05
How many teams are there allowed in the AHL? 2 17-May-05
St Johns leaving AHL with a bang...Are Cats? 3 09-Apr-05
The real problem Dennis Wideman 18 09-Apr-05
McCullough called up 1 09-Apr-05
Fahey recalled 1 08-Apr-05
Pictures 4 08-Apr-05
Pull the feeding tube out... 13 08-Apr-05
Colorado Eagles moving up to AHL 11 08-Apr-05
Binghamton/Wilkes Barre Trip 12 07-Apr-05
Utah----------> Worcester? What's all this? 33 07-Apr-05
"New Team in the Works" article in T&G 20 07-Apr-05
Toronto Marlies 11 07-Apr-05
Here is what i want to see 16 06-Apr-05
Team name ideas 2 06-Apr-05
Worcester Firefighters 1 05-Apr-05
Coming Down the Strech 4 04-Apr-05
Nice showing tonight Bacashihua 40 03-Apr-05
walker 1 03-Apr-05
Did anyone check out the Pens game? 3 03-Apr-05
It's about friggin' time! 2 02-Apr-05
ECHL eyes Worcester 22 02-Apr-05
Pirates staying in Portland 2 02-Apr-05
Photos from the banquet 6 30-Mar-05
Jame Pollock 13 30-Mar-05
Open Letter to AHL Commissioner 3 30-Mar-05
Maiser and Beckford-Tseu called up 10 29-Mar-05
AHL Boards.com 2 29-Mar-05
The Past 11 Years 1 28-Mar-05
Welcome to 5th place 9 28-Mar-05
Happy Easter!! 1 26-Mar-05
3/25 'Cats at PB's on TV 1 25-Mar-05
Booster Club Banquets 4 25-Mar-05
Hershery 6 24-Mar-05
Still giving... 1 24-Mar-05
Poll in IceCats site. 5 23-Mar-05
Granato article from Blues site 2 23-Mar-05
Assumptions 4 23-Mar-05
Looking 4 A Jersey 7 22-Mar-05
Ramsay to Peoria 1 22-Mar-05
Looking for a jersey - PART 2 1 21-Mar-05
Autograph Session 9 20-Mar-05
Byrne reassigned to Peoria 7 20-Mar-05
Anything special planned for April 17th 18 20-Mar-05
Clear Day Roster 7 19-Mar-05
Cats' sunk by Admrials 15 18-Mar-05

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Worcester IceCats Hockey Worcester IceCats Hockey Worcester IceCats Hockey
Worcester IceCats Hockey Worcester IceCats Hockey Worcester IceCats Hockey Worcester IceCats Hockey Worcester IceCats Hockey